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About us: We are Karen and Carli, a mother-daughter team, embarking upon our first adventure of publicly sharing our collaborative efforts from our kitchen!

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Carli: I have always been known to shamelessly adhere to the 5-second-rule and finish others’ leftovers, but my love for food and cooking really began in college, when I could no longer rely on my mom’s home cooked meals. My two main interests directly fuel each other: cooking and exercising. Run to eat, and eat to run.  As a runner and current medical school applicant, I love cooking as a fusion of nutrition and flavor experimentation- trying to pack the most nutrients into the most delicious bite. About two years ago, I slowly ventured into a vegetarian lifestyle, inspiring the idea for this blog. There’s a saying in our family, coined by my mom, that “your father needs his meat.” This blog is our attempt to integrate vegetarian options with the classic family approach to cooking, hope someone out there can relate and enjoy!

Karen: I inherited my interest in food and cooking from both of my parents, who as a couple, found endless enjoyment in the kitchen.  My mom’s farm roots in Ohio impressed upon me a love for fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Since moving to Southern California ten years ago, I’ve benefited from access to the year-round bounty grown in surrounding agricultural communities.  While still embracing mid-west comfort food, I love exploring new cuisines and ingredients and highlighting seasonal dishes.  My daughter has a creative open approach to cooking and working with her in the kitchen has been such a joy!  We hope you enjoy our mother-daughter, vegetarian fusion into traditional family meal approach!!


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Looking forward to reading your blog and your wonderful recipe. What a wonderful idea. Can’t wait to try some of them.

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